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Known for his minimalist designs, Nomo has always boasted that a high-quality, elegant mechanical Ladies watch’s at a price that is not out of reach,. 2017 BASEL WORLD fold is the brand with the introduction of the Nomo Club Campus Ladies Watches, based on the Club below current entry-level Nome’s. Take a guess who is the target group and Nomo specifically mentioned people that they have just her college studies and they are steps in the world of work. The resource is based on design, internal movement, the fact, that the Nomo now “hip” is competitive pricing and the fact that each cover allows individual engraving.

The trio Nomo Club   Ladies Watches campus contains a couple of different sizes, with the smallest is called simply “Nomo Club campus.” 36mm, has a white silver dial with grey Super-Luminous index numbers with a contour of red-, so thin, that achieved a pink appearance. It is probably safe to say that this to see work as a Ladies woman