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Even though avatar vamp “Roadie” hard good arrived girl from the spectators, dress feels reluctant to do it, a dance sequence wearing a flimsy was. Anchor, the otherwise traditional Donne in the show clothes were asked, her husband Mayank (Ankit Gera) wears a satin teddy night seduce.

Asked why a modern girl as she would like to shoot wearing a short nighty BI said with a smile, “was a great sequence where Char was sought to get close to her husband’s Mayank (Ankit Gera), that really much does not care for them.” I had to go on dancing “Ye mere dil Pyar ka DeWine” wearing a short nighty on Valentine’s day. I’m okay, Western clothes, but somehow a bit uncomfortable to wear the feel a short and prance around on the terrace. I shared my inhibitions with the creative team and was told the scene required. She persuaded me a mock fire first to do. And when I saw my post scenes filming, I knew that it was looking not as bad as I had expected